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Our Motorhome & Campervan Journey

We’re sure you’ll agree that as your daily lives get busier, how you choose to spend your leisure time is becoming more significant.

Of course you’re passionate about what you do in your day to day lives, but we bet you’re also passionate about the way you want to spend any spare time you have.
You want a taste of adventure, some time to relax or just to get away from the day to day grind. You want to spend time with family and friends, you want to travel more and spend more time enjoying life.

We’re here to tell you that you can, even if it's only for a few weeks of the year.

Here at Life’s an Adventure, we’re all about creating that dream lifestyle and exceeding our customer expectations along the way.

We believe that you deserve to spend your leisure time doing what you want to do, be it heading out on that family adventure you’ve all been dreaming of, kicking back and relaxing as a couple on a beautiful secluded beach, heading to that music festival with your friends or heading out solo and immersing yourself in local culture.

That’s why we founded Life’s an Adventure.


So, Why Motorhomes & Campervans?

Have you ever turned up at a campsite to find that you’ve forgotten to pack the tent poles? Or found the caravan you’ve booked (which was described as luxury and fully equipped) to be frugal and missing the essentials? How about arriving at the caravan or hotel and finding the location to be wanting, that 5 minute short walk to the beach being more like 5 miles… and don’t get me started on airport delays, security gauntlets and then the pushing and shoving from those trying to get on or off the plane first….

We have experienced all of that and Phew! Talk about stress!


Motorhome hire can pretty much eliminate all of that.

It’s basically like having a luxury caravan or hotel room on wheels. You have everything you need right there, a comfy bed, toilet, shower, kitchen and the beach is as near or as far as you choose.

We can’t promise that when you get to your location everything will be rosy, you may still turn up at a site and find that it's more drab than fab, or the onsite facilities are inadequate… but…. You’re in a motorhome, you don’t have to stay there if you don’t want to, it couldn’t be any easier to just pack up and move on, go and find another site or try a bit of wild camping.


We offer affordable, Luxury Motorhome hire and... we’re pet friendly!

Our motorhomes vary between 2017 and 2018 models, you can check them out here (we hope you’ll agree that they’re pretty spectacular!).

We also offer optional extras to help make your time away even better. Our made up beds each have an anti-allergy mattress protector on them, the pillows also have an anti-allergy pillow protector on, 100% cotton bedding and Egyptian cotton towels. The kitchen comes fully equipped, from egg cups and cutlery to crockery and pans. We even offer a dog adventure pack so that your much beloved and important family member can have a great time too!

We have two pick up locations, Wardle Lancashire, and Carrington Manchester, which are both conveniently located for motorway networks and surrounding counties. Not only that, we also offer a delivery service.


About Us

We have 14+ years of caravanning and camping experience, and many years prior we have both enjoyed family caravanning holidays.

As we’ve grown-up we have, like many others, been passionate about, and focused on our careers, then when time allowed we enjoyed our other passion; camping and caravanning. We just wished that we could do more of it. (Owning a campervan and travelling has always been pretty high on both our bucket lists).

When we became parents, our outlook changed. We want our son to grow up with a sense of adventure and an appreciation of the great outdoors, and knowing the exciting lifestyle motorhoming offers - the freedom to travel and explore, the convenience of having a home from home on the road and most importantly the amazing memories you make along the way - we decided that now's the time to start an adventure of our own.

Life's an Adventure is the culmination of our ideas, passions and dreams and we’re very excited to share it with you.

Life’s an Adventure


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