Motorhome Hire Guide

Motorhome Hire Guide

Welcome to our basic motorhome hire guide to help you cover some of the basic for your holiday adventures. Whether you are planning a short break to relax with a good book, or a long holiday with the family to create some fantastic memories. This guide will help you get started with your plans and guide you to staying safe on your travels.

Choosing to hire a motorhome gives you the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of the open road and to explore the great outdoors. You can go hiking, cycling or relax on the beach. You could even go and see beautiful breathtaking scenery, visit historic towns or take a trip to a musical festival or sports event. You have the convenience of having facilities close at hand whilst travelling in comfort and luxury.

Now, we’re aware that heading out on your first motorhome adventure can be a bit nerve racking. We have compiled a few top tips to help make your first adventure in a motorhome as stress free as possible.

Choosing a Motorhome

There are a few key things you need to think about before choosing which motorhome to hire.

  • First and foremost you need to consider how many berths you need, you will need a motorhome that will comfortably sleep the number of people travelling. Just as important as sleeping arrangements is travel arrangements. You will need to ensure the motorhome you chose provides enough belted seats for the number of passengers you are intending to take on your travels. 
  • Secondly, if you’re taking a pet along with you on your adventure, you will need to choose a motorhome that is pet friendly. Thankfully all our motorhomes are pet friendly so this won’t be a problem with us.
  • Lastly, you will need to consider the layout of the motorhome and the space available. We find that fixed bed layouts are incredibly popular as you do not need to assemble and collapse your bed everyday! 

First Time Hire

Plan your route – decide where you want to go, and map it out. Look at the roads you will be taking, are they suitable for a motorhome to travel down? and remember to map your campsite locations so you don’t get lost. You may wish to choose to stay at a campsite closer to home for your first night in order to give you the opportunity to try out the motorhome and get the feel of it.

  • Pace yourself – leave room in your itinerary for any spontaneous activities.
  • Pre book campsites particularly in high season. You don’t want to turn up after a long drive to find there are no pitches available.
  • Have a Checklist – there are some important things that you need to check before you set off and when you pitch up. We have compiled some checklists which will be of use  located in the motorhomes we provide.
  • Read the manual – there’s a lot to remember about your motorhome, reading the manual may help answer any questions you have regarding the facilities onboard.
  • Stock up – one of the great things about a motorhome is the fact that you can cook for yourself. Make sure you tock up the cupboards with some delicious food and don’t forget the essentials!
  • Pack for all weathers, we all know how unpredictable the weather can be.
  • Stay safe! Keep your valuables in a safe and secure place and never leave them on view. When leaving your motorhome make sure it is secure, check that the windows are closed and the doors are locked.
  • Ask for advice. From where to go to what to do, we will endeavour to answer any questions you have.

First Time Driving

Hiring a motorhome for the first time can be quite daunting to begin with. It has a lot more features than your standard car and it’s also quite a bit bigger. At Life’s an Adventure you will receive a full handover from us on collection/delivery of the motorhome. We demonstrate all of the systems and help you to familiarise yourself with the vehicle before you set off.

Make sure you feel comfortable in the driving seat, adjust it properly to accommodate your requirements. Remember to adjust the mirrors accordingly, we will show you how to adjust them during the handover demonstration.

  • Book a campsite nearer to home, don’t feel for your first adventure that you need to head out and do lots of miles straight away. This provides the opportunity to get acquainted with the motorhomes handling and features.
  • A motorhome requires some careful handling, it is much larger and doesn’t have a rear window like most cars. Its best to take it easy to avoid any damage. Remember, there’s no rush, you’re on an adventure so enjoy the drive and take it slow.
  • Check your mirrors regularly and know the dimensions of the motorhome. You may come up against unexpected height restrictions or road widths. Motorhomes are generally much wider than cars so getting the positioning right whilst on the road is crucial.
  • Cornering in a motorhome is different to cornering in a car, you will need to slow down within plenty of time. You may need to swing out to a certain degree to avoid running over curbs.
  • Parking a motorhome can be a bit tricky, even for the professionals. Finding a parking space that is long enough and wide enough can be quite hard, especially if you’re in a busy public area. We’ve found that even the most experienced car driver can have trouble parking a motorhome, so we advise that you take it slow and utilise the reversing camera we ensure each motorhome has. If you can, get somebody to help guide you into a space.


The exciting thing about the motorhoming lifestyle, is that you have the freedom to stop over at some beautiful spots. You can enjoy the great outdoors then return to the motorhome for a hot shower and a relaxing drink. So go and explore, have fun and get muddy. One thing we know for sure is that whatever you decide to do, and wherever you decide to go, it is guaranteed to be an experience that you will never forget. You’ll also make some amazing memories along the way.

Thank you for reading. I hope you found this Motorhome Hire Guide useful and please feel free to contact us for more information.

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