Can You Walk in a Motorhome When Driving?

Can you walk in a motorhome when driving?

If you’re looking to hire a motorhome or campervan, we are sure you will be keen to learn the legalities regarding what you can and can’t do whilst using these vehicles. One of the common questions we get asked is, can you walk in a motorhome when driving? In today’s blog, we’ll discuss this topic, explaining rules that imply to individuals travelling in these vehicles.

So, what is the law?

While strolling around a motorhome when your friend or family member is driving may not appear dangerous, it can be fatal in certain situations. It may be tempting to lay down on the bed, make a drink in the kitchen, or take something from the fridge. However, all passengers are legally required to be sat down and buckled in with a seat belt whilst in transit. Children must also be fastened in using either a child or booster seat. For more information regarding child seat laws, visit the website.

Arriving at a campsite and driving to your pitch, it can also be appealing for passengers to start walking around the motorhome. However, we always recommend staying sat down with your seat belt fastened until the vehicle is stationary and the engine has been turned off.

Refusing to follow the law can put your safety at risk and land you with a fine of up to £500.

Are Motorhome Passenger Seats Fitted With Seatbelts?

As with all modern day vehicles, it is the law that all vehicles are fitted with seat belts. In a motorhome, the driver and specified passenger seats are fitted with three-point seatbelts, while any other designated travel seats may have two-point seatbelts. Both the driver and any passengers they may have must utilise these seatbelts whilst the vehicle is moving. Just remember that side-facing seats should not be used as travel seats when the vehicle is in motion for safety reasons.

In Summary, Can You Walk in a Motorhome When Driving?

So, we hope this article clears a few things up! Just remember, although it may be tempting to roam around these vehicles whilst they are in transit, the safest and legal way to travel is sat down and buckled up! If you need any other advice, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

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