Wild Camping

What is ‘Wild’ Camping? ‘Wild’ Camping is sometimes referred to as ‘wilderness’ camping or ‘freedom’ camping and is basically heading out into the wilderness and pitching up in remote locations away from holiday parks and campsites. Is it legal? Technically no, not in England and Wales as all land is owned by somebody, therefore wild camping is only actually legal if you have the permission of the landowner. In some more remote areas, the Lake District and Snowdonia for example, wild camping is sometimes tolerated if motorhomes abide by the etiquette (see below) and Dartmoor allows wild camping for two nights in the same spot and sometimes longer in certain areas. In Scotland the current access legislation is explicit about your right to wildcamp on hill land. However, this does not extend to vehicles so it is always worth checking ahead beforehand if you plan to wild camp here. There are also exceptions to the legislation, It is an offence to camp at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park for example. Knowing where to camp There a few areas where wild camping is tolerated as mentioned above, but with wild camping becoming more popular amongst the motorhoming community there are numerous websites and forums online which share wild camping experiences and give tips on where wild camping is or has been acceptable. We recommend that you do research first and check ahead and always try to seek permission before you wild camp somewhere. Remember to pay attention to signs and never park up somewhere that states it is not allowed. Motorhome Wild Camping Etiquette To ensure that the wild camping experience isn’t spoilt for others and so that future generations have the choice of embarking on this amazing adventure, there are some vital rules that must be adhered to:
  • Don’t park anywhere that is unsuitable for a vehicle – avoid fragile ground and sensitive habitats, and don’t park in view of someone’s house. (Unless you have permission)
  • Don’t stay in one spot too long, a couple of days at most.
  • Don’t park in areas where signs state that it is prohibited.
  • Never leave any rubbish or waste of any kind behind. Keep all rubbish inside the motorhome.
  • Don’t make excessive noise, if you are playing music or watching TV ensure only you can hear it and don’t run a generator unless you are in a remote place. If you need to run your engine to charge your leisure battery, do so during the day and not at night or early morning.
  • Be respectful to the locals and wildlife and also respect the environment, when wild camping you should leave no or little trace that you were ever there. Don’t damage the environment, don’t take anything away with you that you shouldn’t and don’t leave anything behind. (tire marks only!)
  • Be considerate of others, don’t block any tracks or paths, and if you are asked to move on, do so.
  • Don’t light any fires.
  • Think of yours and the motorhomes security, don’t park up somewhere that may be visited by undesirables.
  • Don’t make where you are stopping look like a campsite, keep awnings, table and chairs etc away unless you are in a remote location.
  • Dispose of grey and black waste responsibly. Book onto a campsite in between wild camps or find a designated disposal facility.
This list isn’t exhaustive, you just need to use some common sense and remember the general rule is that you must be considerate and respectful. Keep an ultra low profile, and make sure there is no trace that you have ever been there. Wild camping and motorhomes. Wild camping in one of our motorhomes is a fantastic adventure, it will allow you to experience and enjoy the freedom of the open road and with a bit of planning you can spend some time in the great outdoors parked up in some beautiful, remote and peaceful spots enjoying the beauty of nature and your surroundings in solitude and tranquility. But, no matter how remote the location you choose, you have the comforts of home right there and, as our motorhomes are equipped with solar panels, a gas bottle and a leisure battery you’ll be set to wild camp in comfort and luxury for a few days. Just imagine heading out from your motorhome to explore the wilderness, take a long walk down a beach or go for a swim in the sea; more than likely at some point you’ll get caught up in an unpredictable weather cycle but that’s all part of the adventure! besides, you can enjoy it all, safe in the knowledge that you have a warm shower and a cup of tea at your disposal when you return. It’s very appealing isn’t it? Now, add into that equation the luxury of a comfortable bed… well? what are you waiting for?!

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